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History of Fucha

Fucha ryori is a distinctive tradition within Shojin Ryori, the vegetarian cuisine of Zen Buddhist monks in China and Japan. About 300 years ago, it was introduced to Japan by cooks who came from China with the monk Ingen, the founder of the Chinese style temple Manpukuji, at Uji near Kyoto. This was the first temple of the Obakushu Zen sect in Japan, and since it's establishment the authentic tradition of Fucha has been handed down by devotees of the sect.

Fucha means...

The two characters used to write "FUCHA" mean "drinking tea together with all people", but the word is also used to mean a meal eaten in Chinese style (each dish is served from a single large bowl) which begins and ends with tea, aiming to create friendship and peace among those eating together.

Fucha Dish at Bon

At Bon(), we have tried to develop a style of Fucha Ryori, which while suggesting aspects of Zen the basis of this tradition also provides for the tastes of the general public. In particular, we aim to provide the fine dishes from the best obtainable seasonal ingredients.
The name of our restaurant, Bon, means Buddhist believer and was chosen as a sign of our respect for the origins of Fucha as a way of Buddhist practice.